Design-Studio Raw Edges


Yael Merl & Shay Alkalay übersetzen in ihrem Projekt „Tailored Wood“ Prinzipien der Modeindustrie in die Möbelsprache.


Ausstellung: Byzantium 330 – 1453 . Royal Academy of Arts, London


Objekte aus 100 Institutionen, „einige so fragil, dass sie wohl nie wieder ausgeliehen werden“ , so die Einschätzung im Artikel der NZZ

Urban Space Management


USM has been at the forefront of urban regeneration for over 30 years, both as a developer and manager. USM specialises in the creation of new locations, concentrating on building up a mix of uses including workspace, arts, retail, catering, sports and entertainment. This is attained by creative use of funds and the re-use and revitalisation of existing buildings, with the provision of new cost effective buildings. Another speciality is the encouragement of small businesses within an active management regime. USM works with all sectors including private, public and voluntary.

Design: Limited Editions


Galerie KREO, ( Didier Krzestowski) Paris, 31, r.Dauphine

Established & Sons (Alasdhair Willis), London, nur per email erreichbar



Whitechapel Road, East End: wie Südasien